Cleaning is Still the Most Important

A Flooralytics Discussion on Cleaning & Covid-19 By: Greg Hadfield, CEO of Flooralytics Testing Lab While Wyzenbeek abrasion testing is still all the rage as it relates to wear and tear – most facilities struggle more with cleaning issues, rather than upholstery fabric that has worn out.  With today’s demands during the Covid-19 virus outbreak,Continue reading “Cleaning is Still the Most Important”

To CMHR or Not to CMHR, That is the Question…

When testing upholstery fabrics for International Maritime Organization (IMO), the first question that typically comes up is – Which foam should the lab use your fabric? Most often, you are given two choices: a non-fire retardant (FR) foam and some variety of FR foam. While the most tempting choice may be the FR foam, that may not be the right choice.